The Homeschool Resource Center is a ministry of the Family of Faith Church which provides information, fellowship, and resources to Christian homeschooling families. The Center includes a sports program for these families to experience community, support, and athletic enrichment, and periodically hosts events that support homeschooling and home discipleship.
For more information, call 708-235-1901 or e-mail kristi.boss@fofc.org

We offer the following to homeschooling families in the area:
~ Homeschool Resource Library, $25 membership fee per family per year
~ Periodic events
~ Used curriculum for sale
~ ICHE Convention Discount Rates
~ HSLDA Membership Discount Rate
~ Various team sports for boys and girls
~ An email loop containing current info on upcoming events, field trips, and opportunities in sports, music, co-ops and more, as well as discounts pertaining to homeschooling, home discipleship, and/or families.
To sign up, send an e-mail to kristi.boss@fof.org