Registration link and instructions:

1. First step is to set up your account (if you haven’t already for a previous season).

  • Click on “REGISTER” in top right corner of page and create your top right corner of page and create your account.

2. After you have created your account:

1.       Click on LOG IN at the top right corner. Enter your user name and password that you chose when you set up your account.

2.       Go to “My Account” and click on “Register Now!” in upper right-hand corner

3.       Click on parent/guardian

4.       Add player information

5.       Enter address if different than the one used when the account was created

6.       Click “+REGISTER” button under sport and level player is being signed up for

7.       Accept Liability Waiver, Player Code of Conduct, COVID waiver and Parent Code of Conduct

8.       Enter grade level you believe the player should be entered as

9.       Click “Continue”

10.   Review “Registration Summary”. If correct, click “Continue”.

11.Choose payment method at the top – the box says “credit card” or you can arrow down to click on “check”. YOU MUST CHOSE ONE OR THE OTHER OR YOUR REGISTRATION WILL NOT SHOW AS COMPLETE.   

12.   Review confirmation. Click “Continue”

13.   Click on “Complete Order”

Please print and fill out this medical release to bring to the coach