classes and Programs


Chicago CHARGE Speech and Debate Club

Offers classes, speech and debate tournaments, and summer camps for ages 7-19.
Students age 7-11 participate in the Young Speakers Program, while Junior and Senior High School students (ages 12 – 19) participate in competitive speech and debate.

Students may meet in Naperville on Tuesday evenings at:
Naperville Congregational Church
1 Bunting Lane, Naperville, IL 60565
(Corner of 75th St. and Washington St.)


Students may meet in New Lenox on Thursday evenings at:
Peace Lutheran Church
1900 E. Lincoln Hwy, New Lenox, IL  60451

Families may choose the location or day of the week that best fits their schedules. Speech classes begin at 6:00pm and are followed by debate classes at 7:00pm.
Chicago CHARGE also sponsors four local tournaments each school year.

Fees:  $150.00.
Participation in tournaments are an additional cost.

Contact the Director, Diana Wolfson at or 630-778-7310 or 630-921-3657.

Constitutional Law class

This 18-week Internet-based course follows Michael Farris’ textbook, “Constitutional Law for Enlightened Citizens,” and uses a computer-based audio CD-ROM to deliver lectures. The syllabus lists the reading and listening assignments for each week and offers a flexible schedule for homework. Every two weeks, students can participate in a live chat-room discussion hosted by Michael Farris to pose their questions and discuss the material. Twice during the class, students will submit essay exams for grading. A certificate of participation will be awarded to all students at the end of the class.

Spring semester: January—June
Fall semester: September—February

For more information, or to register, visit the class website at

Teen Pact Classes in Illinois
TeenPact is a dynamic, hands-on leadership school for Christian students. Thier mission is to train youth to understand the political process, value their liberty, defend their Christian faith and engage the culture at a time in their lives when, typically, they are in danger of not caring about such things.

  • offers a 1 day class for 8 to 12-year-olds
  • offers 4 day class for 13 to 19-year-olds
  • offers a 1 day public speaking class for 13 to 19-year-olds