Homeschooling Single Parents


Single Parents At Home
Resources and encouragement for single parents, especially those who homeschool or would like to.

HS1Mom Yahoo Group
This is a list for single moms who homeschool their children. This is open to all single moms, no matter what type of curriculum they choose to use. It is predominantly a Christian list, though others are welcome also. To allow for free conversation and to protect the privacy of the list members, it is a restricted list. New members will have to be admitted by the list owner.

Single Christian Parent Homeschool website
This website is full of ideas to assist you as you either consider homeschooling or continue on your homeschooling journey. We have articles, resources and special offers to help you, as a single parent, provide your child with a Christian home education. If you are a single parent considering homeschooling or already homeschooling, please sign up for the email newsletter, mark that you are a single parent, and they will send you a free DVD with Israel Wayne, author and father of 4, who was homeschooled by a single parent. His presentation will encourage you. Maggie Raye, a single homeschool parent, has put together a list of 100 resources for this website.

Work and Homeschool Yahoo Group
This is a support group for working parents (or student parents) who have chosen to homeschool or are considering homeschooling, as well as for homeschooling parents who are thinking of returning to work. Whether you are working or attending school inside or outside your home, or just thinking about doing so, this list is for you. Please join in this discussion of the unique challenges and concerns of trying to fit homeschooling into our lives when working or attending school ourselves.
MOST IMPORTANT — READ THIS: In order to be accepted into the group, you will need to send us a SEPARATE introductory letter telling us about yourself and why you want to join.